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My Girlfriend Is Jealous of My Female Friends – What To Do?

2013 April 24

My girlfriend is jealous of my female friends.” This is the kind of statement that brings problems in many relationships. Usually, both partners in a relationship are bound to feel a fit of jealousy.

Jealous GirlfriendIt might be due to that seeming over-friendliness to that particular member of the opposite gender. Whatever the reason behind this kind of jealousy, the result is that the sense of serenity in the relationship will be dealt a huge blow.

When one partner feels insecure, the other is bound to feel the impacts; in an unwelcome way.

When you are confronted by a jealous girlfriend, you might feel happy at first; for jealousy to be manifest, it means that the person really has strong feelings for you.

However, soon you may start to fight over this and if this is not checked, the relationship could even break apart.

You need to appreciate the fact that there could be a number of reasons as to why your girlfriend feels this wave of jealousy attributed to your behavior.

This particularly stressful feeling often comes about when the girl feels you are not sharing a part of your life with her, and are doing so with somebody else of her sex. Women often crave attention and if they feel as though they are not being given enough of this, they will wonder who you are channeling it to.

Thus, if you do not spend a lot of time with your girlfriend, you may have no moral grounds to complain that “My girlfriend is jealous of my female friends.”

You need to make her a priority in your life. Try sharing with her those things that you discuss with the female friends she is jealous of. If you have nothing in common in terms of hobbies or career, you could find those activities both of you enjoy and share these.

If the jealousy drove you apart and somehow you managed to get your ex back, there is no doubting that you need to spend much more time together. Treating this jealousy can be as easy as simply according her more time than you did before.

If on the other hand this jealousy led to a break up but you still work in the same place, you need to find tips to win her back. First, show her that there is nothing more between yourself and those female friends.

This, you can do through daily actions which, believe it or not, she will still be observing even as you are apart. If you involve in innocent dates and flatteries with the female friend, you need to stop these; even when she has gone out for a few minutes to the water dispenser. Show her that you have drawn boundaries of communication with these friends.

It might be slightly harder if you work in different places but it is worth the try. If this is the case, you may need to avoid compromising situations. For example, do not take the chance of bumping into her in the supermarket while in the company of the friend she is jealous of.

In short, to tame this jealousy bug, you need to spend more time with her and draw boundaries on your interaction with those lady pals.

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